After Hatat Neerar Jonnyo here comes Subrata Sen's Bibar. After looking around for the main cast, (read: Raima Sen and Nandana Deb Sen were considered for the lead roles) we have the star cast with Payel Sarkar, Subrata Dutta (his recent film being Rising) and Tannistha Chatterjee. Subrata Sen said, "I saw Payel's photo and interview in Calcutta Times and decided to cast her. Tannistha has worked German director Florian Gallenberger and I have worked with Subrata Dutta befor in Swapner Ferriwallah and know his potential well. Bibar might be a difficult novel to translate onto screen but Sen has worked hard on the script.
The Times of India, 15.10.2005

She is a Probashi Bangali, trained at NSD and reccomended for Subrata Sen's Bibar by Nandana Deb Sen. "I am playing an upper class call girl who is straight forward and knows how she can get what she wants." says Tannistha Chatterjee, shooting in a Ballygunge house. The sultry actress will soon be seen in Florian Gallenberger's Shadows of Time and a host of Hindi films, from Strings with Adam Bedi to divorce with Jackie Shroff.
The Telegraph, 23.10.2006

Now that Subrata Sen adaption of Bibar is at the post production stage, the director is leaving no stone unturned to do justice to his difficult subject.. "This has been my most difficult film. Even veteran directors haven't  had the courage to adopt Bibar. Hope people like my treatment," Sen says
The Times of India, 13.12.2006