Name of Artist Name of Character Relationship

Soumita Chatterjee

Bimal Das

A retired Govt. Officer, living in the Darjeeling district. He is a widower and father of two sons - Nirmal and Shyamal.

Depankar De
Brojen Bhowmik

The MD of a tea plantation and close friend of Bimal's.

Sabyasachi Chakraborty
Nirmal Das

Elder son of Bimal, an army doctor based in Pune.

Parambrato Chatterjee

Shymal Das Younger son of Bimal, a professor of English in a Calcutta college.

Rituparna Sengupta
Anita Das

Vivacious wife of Nirmal, is trying hard to form a close relationship between Shyamal and her own sister, Sunita and get them married

Raima Sen
Sunita Younger sister of Anita.