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 the Elephant God
Story, in brief

Private investigator Pradosh Mitter (Felu) arrives in the Holy city of Varanasi for a holiday with his young cousin Tapesh and his friend Lalmohan Ganguly, popular writer of boy’s adventure stories.

On being told about a strange holyman by the Hotel manager, they go to have a look at Machhli Baba (Holy Fish)., who gives blessings to his many devotees every evening by the river side.
Here Felu meets Umanath Ghosal, who informs him of the theft of a rare and valuable gold statuette of Ganesh---the Elephant God-------from his father’s safe.Felu is engaged by Umanath’s father Ambika Ghosal, to unravel the mystery of the missing Ganesh.

Special Awards -        Cyprus Fete 1980
Golden Hugo -           Chicago Film Festival 1979             Golden Lotus -           India 1980


Soumitra Chatterjee    /   Prodosh  Mitter (Feluda)
Utpal Dutta              /    Maganlal
Santosh Dutta          /     Lalmohan Ganguly


LENGTH -                    3320.49 meters.

& DIRECTION-           
Satyajit Ray

PRODUCER-                 R.D.Bansal

PRODUCTION-             RDB & CO.

Umanath informs Felu that the rich businessman Maganlal---who happens to be one of the holyman’s disciples---had offered him a large sum of money for the Ganesh.Maganlal is widely
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suspected of selling smuggled Indian art objects to foreigners.Later, Felu has an encounter with Maganlal, who offers him money to give up his investigations, and realises that the the Ganesh has not yet come in possession of Maganlal.
Notwithstanding Maganlal’s threats, Felu continues with his investigations. He discovers that the Holyfish is actually a henchman of Maganlal.
Felu eventually solves the mystery of the missing Ganesh, recovers it and restores it to its owner.
 Press Comments

This is a more absorbing thriller - as assured in its craftsmanship as it is pungent in its wit and acute in its observation  of place and people........ The construction is taut and in retrospect, every scene and character would appear in place.........The capacity to mingle diverse elements and moods is indeed the most striking achievement..........Soumitra Chatterjee brings the cool, wise-cracking detective to life. The boy is adorable and his grandfather’s cheerful indulgence an interesting invention.       .........The Statesman