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                                          The Big City
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Main Story
As the accountant of the New Bharat Bank, Subrata Majunder finds it difficult to make both ends meet, his younger sister Bani is two months behind with her schoold fees, father Priyogopal a retired school-master - would like a pair of reading glasses; mother Sarojini needs a new tin of Zardah (tobacco) every ten days or so ...................
At a hint from Subrata, which she at first resents, wife Arati agrees to get a job. Going out to work, Arati discovers anew life, new world, opening up for her.
She begins to like her job, and she enjoys the company of her colleagues. The Anglo- Indian Edith, in particular, is a good friend. It’s Edith who presents Arati with her first lipstick.h big ideas---takes a fancy to Arati and openly expresses his admiration for her work.
Silver Bear -                          Berlin Film Festival 1964
Silver Medal-                                              India 1966

Madhabi Mukherjee / Arati
Anil Chatterjee       / Subrata Mazumdar
Haradhan Banerjee  /  Mr. Mukherjee
Vicky Redwood     /  Edith


LENGTH :                                               3653 metres.

SCENARIO, MUSIC & DIRECTION            Satyajit Ray

PRODUCER                                              R.D.Bansal

PRODUCTION                                           RDB & CO.

But, for Subrata, Arati’s transformation is something which makes him vaguely anxious. Isn’t she a little too gay, too confident ? And why must she mention Mr. Mukherjee so often ?
Subrata decides to take steps about it. He rings up an influential friend and extracts the promise of a part time job from him. The same evening he tells Arati “I’ve been offered a job, so I don’t think you need to work any more.” The next morning Arati goes to the office with a heavy heart, and the letter of resignation in her bag.
But before she has time to submit it, she gets a frantic telephone call from Subrata. “Don’t give up your job yet. I’ve just lost mine. The bank’s closed down.”
From here on, Arati is the only earning member of the family. Subrata suffers the humiliation of watching his wife go out while he sits in bed scanning the ‘Wanted’columns.
Relationships are strained almost to the point of breaking when an incident suddenly brings the drama to its unexpected conclusion, and Arati is happily left with no cause to regret her decision to work. hair bundles uk