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The Saint
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Main Story :

Ever since the death of his wife, Guruada Mitter, an advocate, has been going through a state of deep mental unrest.
On his way back from Varanasi with his daughter Buchki, Gurupada encoun- ters Birinchi --- a Saaint who claims to be ageless.  Gurupada is impressed and decides to patronise the saint
Birinchi Baba  /  Charuprokash Ghose
Buchki           /   Satindra Bhattacherjee


LENGTH                  1850 meters

SCENARIO, MUSIC & DIRECTION         Satyajit Ray

PRODUCER                                             R.D.Bansal

PRODUCTION                                         RDB & CO.

and become his disciple.Daughter Buchki has her own problems, such as disappointment with her lover Satya. To teach him a lesson, Buchki tells Satya that she was going to
renounce him and become a disciple of Birinchi. Fearing that his  romance was in jeopardy, Satya runs to his friend, philosopher and guide --- Nabaran ---- and enlists his help to free Buchki from the clutches of Birinchi.

Nibaran attends one of Birinchi’s religious meetings, listens to his discourses, and realises that Birinchi is a fraud.Nibaran decides to exose Birinchi.