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Arindam Mukherjee, top-ranking film star, is on his way to Delhi to receive an official prize. He is in a bitter mood for two reasons: (a) his latest film looks like being his irst flop: and (b) in spite of efforts to suppress it, the morning’s papers have published the news of his being involved in a brawl at a club.

In the restaurant car where he goes to have a cold drink, hhe meets Aditi,a  young attracive editor of a woman’s magazine who is travelling in the chair car. Aditi wants to interview Arindam, not
because she is interested in him or in films, but because shethinks he would make good saleable ‘copy’. Arindam turns her away hair bundles uk.
A second meeting with Aditi at lunch time leads him to talk. Almost inadvertently, he begins to talk about Shankarda, his mentor, which takes us back to his early youth. Aditi begins surreptitiously to take notes in her pad.
Arindam also described his first day’s shooting and how he was snubbed by the great actor Mukunda Lahiri, and how, some years later, the same Mukunda Lahiri---now crushed and forgotten after a
series of flos---came to him to beg for a part. The one story he withholds from Aditi concerns the rutghless and ambitious Promila with whom he had an affair and which ended in an unseemly brawl with her husband.
Aditi realises that in spite of his fame and money and success, Arindam is essentially a lonely man in need of sympathy and understanding. Out of respect for his frank confession, she tears up the notes she has written.
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Special Jury Award -    XVI International Film Festival
Critice Prize -                                        Berlin 1966
Silver Medal -                                         India 1966
Best Screenplay -                                     India 1966

Uttam Kumar         / Arindam
Sarmila Tagore      /  Aditi


LENGTH -             3201.62 meters


PRODUCER                                          R.D.Bansal

PRODUCTION                                      RDB & Co.

Press Comments

A superbly drawn cross-pattern of human relationships.......engrossing........sets a new trend.....Uttam Kumar is seen in a new light of briliance as Arindam Mukherjee...............Amrita Bazar Patrika

In subtlety of detail and technical sophisication as well as in the neatness of design and management, NAYAK is an outstanding achievment..... As Arindam, Uttam Kumar the best performance of his long and successful Career ........................................................The Statesman