Bimal Das, a Government Officer, is now leading a retired life in a remote corner of the Himalayas. He has bought a cottage, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and a river on the fourth. There is a hanging bridge across the river, which connects the cottage to the outside world.
As the film opens, we see Bimal's cottage humming with activity. The entire Das family is here for the winter holidays - Nirmal, the eldest son, an army doctor based in Pune; his vivacious wife, Anita; Shyamal, the younger son, a professor of English in a Calcutta college. Anita has also dragged her younger sister, Sunita, for a holiday, with the intention of getting her acquainted with Shyamal.
Bimal's friend, Brojen Bhowmik, hearing about the get-together, has also coordinated his trip accordingly. Inspite of his busy schedule, as the MD of a tea plantation, he visits Bimal regularly.
Anita, the perfect daughter-in-law, has taken over the kitchen. But cooking is not her only objective this time. She is impatient to know the outcome of her efforts in bringing Shyamal and Sunita together. But Shyamal eludes her.
At night, an unexpected thunderstorm starts. Brojen is worried, because he has to attend an important meeting at his plantation in 3 days time.
The rain stops that night, when everyone's asleep. A little later, there's a mild tremor,
which develops into a massive earthquake. Panic-stricken, the entire family is gathered downstairs.
The tremor subsides, and normalcy gradually returns to the household. The electricity had gone off, so kerosene lamps and candles are lit, and everyone gets busy trying to clean up the mess
Early morning, the family discover that the hanging bridge has been destroyed. 'Do you realize what this means?' - Nirmal utters in horror - 'It means that we are totally cut off from the rest of the world.

When, after three relentless days of nightmare, the Government Relief arrives on the scene, the close-knit family has fallen apart. Relationships have disintegrated, and changed beyond recognition. It is only Shyamal and Sunita, who have come closer. In moments of anguish and despair, they have found - love.