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Why I Make Films

I made my first film Pather Panchali (Song of the Road) because I felt I could express myself well in an audio-visual language. I had been an avid film goer from my school days, and I had read a great deal on the cinema. Both my father and grandfather were writers, painters and poets, and I wanted to express myself creatively in a medium which they had not explored. So I naturally turned to the cinema - although I was by profession a graphic designer. The urge to make a film was irresistible, and I staked everything to make my first film. The critical and box-office success that I achieved ensured that I would continue making films - both for the pleasure that it gave me, and as a means of earning my livelihood. I have never regretted the decision to change my profession. lm-making brings me into contact with people and places. This gives rise to varied experiences which I find stimulating. I still derive the same pleasure from film-making as I did the first time, and hope I never grow tired of it.