Since 1960 he has produced over 25 Feature Films and is by far the most popular personality in the West Bengal Film Industry and is renowned for his aesthetically enriched motion pictures which have won National and International Awards at various Film Festivals in India & Abroad.

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Most of the films produced by him have been directed by internationally reputed Directors of the likes of Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha and Ajoy Kar etc. Some of his most well known films are  Charulata,Mahanagar,Saat Paanke Bandha,Shashi Babur Sansar and Shesh Parjanta, all in the Bengali language. He has won the prestigious President's Gold Medal twice, and also International Awards like the Silver Bear ,the Golden Hugo Award and the Golden Head Of Palanque. Apart of this he owns and operates  cinema halls at Calcutta and runs the Film Distribution business.


He has been Distributing Indian Feature Films and International Movies imported by his Company into India. He has also been actively engaged in presenting to the indian audiences the best of programmes on Television. During the last 40 years innumerable films have been distributed by the company including practically all the films from the prestigious R.K.Films banner of Raj Kapoor.

On Television he presented the very popular series The Spectacular World Of Guiness Records.
Presently he is working on a television series 'Parrot Tales' being directed by Shyam Benegal and an  Animated television series  'The Shonku Diaries' based on the character created  by Satyajit Ray. He has produced his first multimedia presentation on the life and works of  Satyajit Ray titled " Ray's World". His latest productions have been  Sandip Ray’s film "Nishijapon", Subrato Sen’s “Bibar” , Anjan Das’ “Achin Pakhi” , all of which were official selections at various film festivals around the world.



She  joined the Group in 1999 and has worked as an executive producer for the company’s film productions. Also closely involved in the production of  “Ray's World", she now heads the International Sales division of the organization.