About the CD

This interactive CD-ROM is a maiden endeavour on digital media on
the life and works of
Satyajit Ray, one of the greatest names in world cinema.

It is a tribute to the great filmmaker from the house of RDB, for countless aficionados settled all over the globe, to enable them to rediscover and preserve a slice of his life and the magic of his creations in non-linear navigation.

It is not a critique or analysis  of his works in various media, which falls under the esoteric purview of scholars and theoreticians. Nevertheless, it can definitely serve  as an authentic and ready source of information on Ray and also be of use to all those who wish to study a man of his magnificence. The piece-de-resistance of this offering is that it is a posthumous  tribute to an individual  who helped in lifting only a century old  invention into one of the greatest contemporary art forms of our times.

The House of RDB, pioneered by R.D.Bansal has been associated with Ray
from the days of his early career as a filmmaker and has produced as many as six of his films including
Charulata and Mahanagar .

For RDB Entertainments Private Limited,  the media wing of the RDB
organization, the subject of the Life and Works of Ray was the obvious
choice for their maiden CD ROM venture.

The technical support for the CD ROM has been provided by The Multimedia Group of the Technology Centre of PricewaterhouseCoopers, India

The advisory panel consisted of eminent directors of the likes of Sandip Ray, Gautam Ghose  and Shyam Benegal.

Lord Richard Attenborough provided the introduction and narration for the CD ROM.

Copyright Kamal Bansal for R D B Entertainments Private Limited. feugifacilisi.

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