Other Facets

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This section highlights on the other shades of Ray's genius and are subdivided into three major segments:
  • Ray the - music composer: This section shows on how Ray became inclined to Western Classical music right from his very childhood, his diverse influences to his taking up the baton to compose music for his own films. A special movie montage created from Ray's own compositions is an added feature.
  • Ray the artist: This section showcases Ray as an artist, be it doing layouts for ads, cover designs and illustrations for his books and also books by others, creating logos and making carricatures, designing the posters, for his films etc.
  • Ray the writer: This section exhibits his prowess as a bestselling author of fiction, detective stories, whodunnits to sci-fi and fantasy with memorable characters like Feluda and Professor Shonku. It also covers his books on cinema, scripts and nonsense rhymes.

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