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The content of the CD ROM is arranged in following major sections and subsections.
Intimate Portrait
Biographical Sketch
Family Tree
Cinematic Gaze
Little Road to Big Success
Ray's World of Cinema
Unmade Films
Other Facets
  • Ray - the Music Composer
  • Ray - the Artist
  • Ray - the Writer
Ray on Ray
Why I make films?
My Life, my Works
An Exclusive Interview
  • Dossier
    • Awards
    • Fimography
    • Discography
    • Bibliography
    • Reviews ... etc.
  • Image Gallery
  •         Different Moods
  •         At Shooting
  •         At Work
  •         Special Moments

Contents of Ray's World CD-Rom           Intimate Portrait of Ray            Other Facets of Ray            Cinematic Gaze        Ray on Ray         Dossier            Image Gallery of Ray

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